How membership works

Members serve as leaders in the Slow Food movement and are the lifeblood of Slow Food USA.

Slow Food USA administers all memberships. Be sure to select Vermont as your local chapter! We will then have your contact information and the ability to send you our newsletter and invitations to special events.

Membership is $60 a year for adults, $30 for youth (under 30), $100 for families, or as little as $1 on “Give What You Can Day” — follow us on Facebook for the next date.

Why Join Slow Food?

  • We celebrate Vermont’s taste of place through focused tastings, themed potlucks, and inspiring classes

  • Thanks to our members, volunteers, and donors, we keep these educational events affordable or free

  • We reach over 5,000 tasters of all ages each summer at Summervale with our interactive tasting events

  • We send delegates to Terra Madre, Slow Food's international conference of world food communities to share Vermont's amazing food culture

  • We support the Slow Food Youth Network

  • We recognize excellence in food businesses that are living the Slow Food mission everyday with our Snail of Approval Program

What Do We Do?

Slow Food is a global grassroots organization with more than 150,000 members and 2,000 food communities throughout 150+ countries.

Slow Food USA, a national association of Slow Food, has 175 regional and campus chapters that coordinate local activities, projects and events.


We work with and cultivate local leaders who also model joy and champion local, culturally significant heritage foods, customs and recipes – we bring these experiences into farms, markets, restaurants and homes. We teach the next generation how to grow, prepare and share food responsibly!


We preserve and share local foods and food cultures through tastings, potlucks, field trips and classes – we celebrate the Slow life!


Conviviality is central to our mission. We are a global community, connecting people to the land and to each other through local projects, educational events, and shared meals. We become catalysts for change by sharing the joy of Slow Food and prioritizing wholesome living over convenience.