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Rare Crops with a Story

Written By mara welton
summer 2017

nofa notes

In Slow Food communities, we talk a lot about the Ark of Taste – Slow Food’s catalog of delicious foods facing extinction. It was identified early in the history of Slow Food that biodiversity is essential to a healthy environment and to defending our future against climate change.


The Slow Food Ark of Taste Docks at NOFA

Written By mara welton
spring 2017

nofa notes

What excites me most about Slow Food is that in a world that feels more and more serious and fraught, this international organization chooses to celebrate all good, clean and fair food cultures around tables with friends, food, beverages, stories and joy.


Slow and Steady: Vermont’s “Snail of Approval”

Written By Caroline Abels
August 17 , 2016

Local Banquet

The Williamsville Eatery’s website features a list of local farms and food purveyors that’s even longer than its menus. The impressive list shows where the Eatery buys its local food—but the length of the list is just one reason why the two-year-old restaurant has earned a “Snail of Approval” certification...

Slow Fish in Vermont

Slow Food Vermont Considers Creatures of the Sea

Written by Hannah Palmer Egan
May 17, 2016

Seven Days

As the sun set last Thursday evening, a crowd gathered at Bleu Northeast Seafood in Burlington. Upon arrival, guests received a flute of bone-dry, apple-scented Vermont bubbly, fermented in Newport by Eden Specialty Ciders. Near the door, John Brawley, a tan-faced, brawny shellfish farmer, shucked...


Localvore: One Vermonter's Take on a Southern Classic, 'Reconciliation Pie'

Written by Candace Page
March 16, 2016

burlington free press

Treat followed treat at a Slow Food Vermont potluck dinner in Burlington in January, but it was the meal’s final dish that lingered in my memory.


Slow Food is Growing Fast in Vermont

Written by Candace Page
February 7, 2014

Burlington Free Press

Slow Food USA Executive Director Richard McCarthy visited Vermont last week and cooked, slowly. Five pounds of Jacob’s Cattle Beans soaked overnight in McCarthy’s Brooklyn apartment. They traveled with him by air to Burlington, then simmered for nine hours on the stove at...

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7 Questions For: Richard McCarthy, Executive Director of Slow Food USA

JANUARY 31, 2014


This weekend, the brand-new executive director of Slow Food USA, Richard McCarthy, will tour some of Burlington's culinary hotspots — the Farmers Market, the Intervale South End Kitchen and Hen of the Wood among them...

snail of approval.png

Slow Food Vermont Awards its First 'Snail of Approval'

OCTOBER 16, 2013


Slow Food Vermont's membership drive just ended with tiny Vermont among the top four chapters in Slow Food USA to attract the most new members. But that's not the organization's only big news. Local restaurants are going slow with a new designation and a series of dinners...


Slow Food Vermont Debuts a Farmers Market

august 23, 2013


Is the hustle and bustle of the Burlington Farmers Market too fast paced for you? Do you wish City Hall Park had another market where you could buy local foods midweek? Slow Food Vermont is addressing both those issues with a new market to launch on Wednesday, August 28...

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Mountain Peak: Slow Food VT Launches Snail of Approval Program

BY Corey burdick
august 9, 2013

edible green mountains

Throughout Vermont, a number of restaurants regularly incorporate local meats and produce on their menus, often sourced from mere miles away. Usually, an accompanying list of the partner farms will be listed on the menu as well. But what if a restaurant wants to add more credence to their claims? How could they prove to the increasingly educated and growing locavore population that they are actually doing what they say? This is where Slow Food Vermont’s Snail of Approval comes in.