Report from Slow Food Nations

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Here's a quick report from Slow Food Nations in Denver to let you know that all is well! We are so lucky to have such an amazing Vermont crew here! We all arrived with no problems, all of our shipped goods made it safe and sound — even the 100 POUNDS OF CHEESE!

We have adopted Michelle Moon, former SF governor of MA, and friend of SFVT into the SFVT family this trip, which has been so wonderful! Michelle is a constant inspiration to me and fits our group like a glove.

We just finished the delegate summit today, replete with an incredible keynote address, a well-received “creating your own manifesto” workshop led by Chris Howell and myself, followed by a truly special lunch “made” by Alice Waters, more workshops, and then the closing Carlo keynote where he basically said to go forth and do good work, with less bureaucracy and more joy! Sounds a lot like “going rogue” to me, so I definitely feel validated in our path!

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My cousin Maria has been incredibly accommodating and helpful in all respects — from receiving all of our packages to coordinating the rental unit to giving us impromptu Denver walking tours to schlepping all of our goods to the exhibitors' area tomorrow in her much-appreciated car! I am so grateful to my family for helping us to be successful here!

I am so excited to be sharing my hometown with my SFVT crew and will be taking them to a favorite Mexican restaurant tomorrow to share my food culture with them. I can’t wait!

Tomorrow we sling cheese, maple syrup, and cider syrup to all the people!! I know that we will all come back from this experience with so many ideas for our chapter, deep and renewed inspiration, as well as a newfound desire for roguishness!

Much love from the Mile High city!

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